• Secure Blockchain Infrastructure

Blockchain API and 
Infrastructure Services

Secure & Reliable Access to the Algorand Network

Expertly Designed Cloud-based Tools & Services

for Algorand and Other Proof of Stake Networks

Algorand API Services

Our Algorand API provides a quick and easy way for developers to interact with the Algorand testnet and mainnet without the burden of maintaining node infrastructure.

Algorand Infrastructure Services

We offer Algorand Relay Services, Participation Node Services and custom infrastructure solutions for Algorand network participants.

Infrastructure and Validator Services

Rely on PureStake’s automated blockchain infrastructure platform combined with our experience running highly secure and reliable services to help support your project.

World-class Infrastructure and Security

Our platform is highly performant and reliable based on an automated multi-pop, multi-cloud approach across AWS, Azure and Google environments. Our service combines best practices in architecture and security operations providing a solid foundation for staking and Dapp use cases.

Reliable by Design

We treat infrastructure as code and automate all provisioning, updates and configuration. Deployment architectures include resources in multiple AZs across multiple POPs and multiple providers.

Robust Security

Select security elements include firewalls, NAT, load balancers, SSO, multi-factor auth, discrete VPCs, IDS, antivirus, DDoS protection, host hardening, automated patching, log analysis and more.

Global Presence

We have over 15 strategically located points of presence across North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. Users are directed to the closest point of presence for the highest performance, lowest latency service.

Financially-Backed SLA

We stand behind the reliability of our service with a financially-backed SLA where we issue credits for any service downtime or unavailability.

Our Partners & Customers

What Makes Us Different

Our team has been building and running data centers, networks and highly distributed infrastructure since the early days of the Internet. We also have deep expertise building high quality cloud-based services and applications on top this infrastructure.

Deep expertise with the Algorand network and Algorand infrastructure.

We emphasize security and reliability in everything we do.

A veteran team with over 20 years experience building and running globally distributed platforms.

We are active community members and give back to the networks we support.

The PureStake Global Network

Our expanding network has been specifically designed for proof-of-stake networks with a global user base.