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PureStake Provides Infrastructure Services to Support the Algorand MainNet Launch

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Boston, MA – June 19, 2019 – PureStake, a leader in secure and reliable blockchain infrastructure, announced the availability of its infrastructure-as-a-service offering for Algorand. Infrastructure running on the PureStake platform helped launch the Algorand network, which announced the public availability of its MainNet last week.

PureStake’s service offering includes relay and participation node services.These services are provided from over 15 points of presence all around the world via an in-house developed infrastructure as a service platform designed specifically to meet crypto and blockchain network requirements.

“The Algorand network launch was a huge step forward for the blockchain space, delivering the first pure Proof of Stake crypto network that is highly scalable without sacrificing decentralization,” said Derek Yoo, CEO of PureStake. “Building infrastructure to support Algorand’s security and performance requirements presented unique DevOps challenges. We are excited to have overcome these challenges and to have helped launch the MainNet.”

Moving forward, PureStake will offer Algorand infrastructure services to enterprises, developers, and other network participants globally. You can learn more about PureStake infrastructure services here: purestake.com/technology/algorand-services

About PureStake

PureStake’s team has extensive experience running highly available, highly secure global infrastructure supporting cloud and fintech applications-as-a-service. Led by Derek Yoo, former Fuze Founder and CTO, PureStake provides infrastructure-as-a-service, API-as-a-service, and validator services for proof of stake crypto networks.


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